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COVID-19’s Impact on Domestic Violence & Criminal Act


This pandemic has impacted all facets of our lives; crime rates are no exception. As people are abiding by the Governor’s stay at home order and are quarantined in their homes, major crimes have reached an all-time low. The old adage – “nothing good happens after 2AM” – rings true; as people socialize less, particularly during the nighttime, less crimes are being committed.

Nevertheless, domestic violence and marital disputes are at an all-time high. This pandemic has caused tremendous stress and tension in even the best of relationships, which is only compounded by the requirement to quarantine at home. While spending an inordinate amount of time together, couples are realizing that their relationship lacks the foundation to deal with the financial and emotional stressors caused by this pandemic or that they simply have very few things in common anymore.

Inevitably, the tremendous stress caused by this pandemic has led to people seeking alternative avenues to decompress as they are quarantined in their homes. People are self-medicating to simply get through the day. As a result, liquor stores have seen a spike in sales, marijuana dispensaries have longer lines than Costco, and the use of prescription drugs has become even more prevalent. An increase in these vices, coupled with the increased stressors of the pandemic, has caused people to act unlawfully, requiring the authorities to be notified.

While the courts have been closed for almost a month and a half, domestic and marital issues are nevertheless being addressed. Criminal Courts and Family Courts have been actively adjudicating emergency filings and dealing with Orders of Protection at an alarming rate.

Our firm has over 27 years of experience dealing with all facets of criminal defense, ranging from simple traffic tickets to murder cases. If you or your loved one has been arrested for a domestic incident or has been served with an Order of Protection from the Criminal or Family Court, we can assist you. You are not alone during this time of crisis; we are here for you. Please do not hesitate to contact us.