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Eminent Domain

Robert Litt has been working in the condemnation field for over 20 years, first as a Deputy County Attorney at the Nassau County Attorney’s Office and then in the private sector representing clients in New York Eminent Domain and Condemnation Law matters. These cases involve takings by the government through the power of eminent domain.

Government takings can be partial or total; permanent or temporary. These takings create damages in which the property owner is entitled to an award of "just compensation". We have found that in many cases, the award finally achieved will be substantially above the initially offered amounts by the government.

This exercise of the power of New York Eminent Domain or Condemnation to take some, or all, of a person's property will affect many property owners. The government is presently engaged in many public projects such as road widenings, construction, growth and repair of schools and parks, as well as numerous economic development projects in many downtown areas throughout Long Island and the State of New York.