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Landlord Tenant
2024-03-29 New York Post: How to lock out the scourge of squatters in NYC and everywhere
2021-08-13 U.S. Supreme Court Rules Against NY's Stay on Evictions
2021-06-11 Eviction Moratorium
2020-12-31 Additional Stay on Evictions
2020-08-21 Stay on Evictions
2020-08-21 Evictions During Covid
2020-05-15 Continued COVID-19 Impact on Leases
2020-05-08 Extension on Stay on Evictions
2020-05-01 Preparation for Expiration of Stay on Evictions and Possibility of Second COVID-19 Wave
Tax Certiorari
2020-08-21 Real Estate Values During COVID-19
2020-07-02 Small Claims Hearings
2020-06-12 Statute of Limitations & Small Claims Procedure
2020-05-29 Commencement of Filing Petitions and Grievances
2020-05-15 Discovery for Commercial Properties & Filing of Grievances
2020-05-08 Extension to Pay Nassau County School Taxes
2020-05-01 COVID-19 Impact on Property Values
Business Reopening & Municipal Matters During COVID-19 Pandemic
2020-08-21 Restaurants and Bars Re-Opening During COVID-19 Pandemic
2020-06-12 Long Island Entering Phase 2 of Re-Opening
2020-05-29 Long Island Entering Phase 1 of Re-Opening
2020-05-15 Municipalities Assisting Businesses to Re-Open
2020-05-08 Prepare to Re-Open Economy & Businesses
2020-05-01 How to Re-Open Businesses
2020-08-21 Debt Requirements
2020-06-15 COVID-19 & Student Loans
2020-05-29 Chapter 7 & 13
2020-05-15 Explanation of Chapter 7 & 13 Proceedings
2020-05-08 CARES Act
2020-05-01 Financial Difficulties due to COVID-19
Mortgage Forbearance
2020-05-15 Payroll Protection Plan
2020-05-08 Impact of Mortgage Forbearance
2020-05-01 Preparation for End of Forbearance Period
Real Estate
2021-06-14 Building Permits
2020-07-02 Legality of Stay on Evictions due to COVID-19
2020-05-29 Virtual Closings due to COVID-19
Matrimonial Matters
2020-12-31 Divorce Proceedings during COVID
2020-08-21 Child Support & the COVID-19 Pandemic
Personal Injury
2020-08-21 The Amended New York Emergency or Disaster Treatment Protection Act
2020-07-02 Increase of Protection for Health Care Workers
Eminent Domain
2020-09-17 What is Eminent Domain?
2020-07-02 Our Experience Handling Eminent Domain Matters
Force Majeure Clause (Act of God) & COVID-19
2020-05-29 Explanation of a Force Majeure Clause
Domestic & Criminal Matters
2020-05-08 COVID-19’s Impact on Domestic Violence & Criminal Act
2020-05-19 Should I Blow?
Real Estate Tax Lien Foreclosure
2020-06-12 COVID-19 Impact on Real Estate Tax Liens
R.G.Litt Law
2017-10-11 Litt Law Group, LLC
Mortgage Foreclosure
2020-07-02 Stay on Foreclosure Evictions due to COVID-19
Constitutional Law
2021-06-11 Violation of 2nd Amendment Rights