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Discovery for Commercial Properties & Filing of Grievances


Even though the Governor has suspended the Statute of Limitations through June 6, 2020, the tax certiorari process continues throughout the State. Administrative Grievances are being filed in all jurisdictions and information submissions are still be required. For example, the ASIE filings are still due by June 1, 2020. Failure to provide this material in a timely fashion may affect your ability to receive assessment relief. Please do not wait to the last minute, as the website which handles these uploads has a history of crashing. You don&rsquot want to be late in such submissions since the site may close immediately once the time to file expires.      

Moreover, Nassau County has scheduled information submission deadlines for commercial property owners who filed tax grievances for tax year 2021/22. These June, July and August deadlines are strictly enforced and failure to comply could lead to the dismissal of the grievance. As a result, please provide the requested information immediately, and again, do not wait to the last minute. The County&rsquos website in which the submission must be uploaded also has a history of failing at the end of the filing period.      

The Suffolk Town grievance filing period has already begun in several jurisdictions and will continue through most of June. The Towns have recently changed its procedures, and instead of &ldquoin person&rdquo service, have agreed to alternative electronic forms of filing a claim for assessment relief. This  anew process and we anticipate many problems and delays. Please provide all necessary authorizations for inclusions with the submissions as Towns will dismiss matters without authorizations.      

Lastly, it is anticipated that the Nassau and Village Small Claims (SCAR), along with all commercial petitions, will be filed with the Court within the next 30-45 days. In that regard, the Courts will be scheduling Nassau SCAR hearing in July and early August. The process will happen rather quickly in an effort to have the real estate tax warrants finalized by September 1, 2020 to avoid the issuance of refunds for the 2020/21 tax year. Please respond immediate to all email requests when required as this process may be changing daily.      

Even though business are closed through this Friday, and with the opening of businesses&rsquo occurring regionally over the next several weeks, the assessment challenge process continues unabated.      

We will be ready and prepared to protect your interests. Do not hesitate to contact with any questions you may have.