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Long Island Entering Phase 1 of Re-Opening


As you are aware, Long Island has entered Phase 1 of re-opening this week which has us all excited. This means that certain businesses can begin operations. As stated previously, these companies must be in full compliance with all state and local regulations.

For the past several months, the government has been giving businesses some flexibility to operate and to continue to work whenever possible. The government has not been enforcing regulations, such as waiving permit fees and not collecting parking fees or registration expirations.

This "free pass" is ending and the municiplaities will now begin enforcing regulations and laws as businesses begin re-opening. With new rules and guidelines in place, a business owner must again be aware of applicable requirements and follow them strictly. The failure to do so might not only result in potential violations, but may also result in lawsuits by employees suing for reckless conduct.  

As such, be certain to read all the new rules and regulations, speak with your insurance carrier and accountant, as well as your landlord or tenant about these requirements. You may need third-party service providers and/or employees to sign releases and waivers before beginning to operate. Until the government institutes laws to protect business owners from these types of personal lawsuits, we must all be very vigilant.  Please do not hesitate to contact us as to any possible issues regarding re-opening your business.