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Municipalities Assisting Businesses to Re-Open


Albeit that most, if not all, municipality offices are currently closed to the public, operations are still continuing remotely, which is critical as the Governor has confirmed that local authorities are solely responsible for authorizing the re-opening of businesses. In response to the Governor's dictate, Counties, Towns and Villages have put measures in place to help businesses reach a "new normal" with safe spaces for their employees, as well as customers and clients.

As people's financial anxieties continue to increase, there is a tremendous need to open business operations. The key to a successful re-opening is to reach an ideal balance of opening as quickly as possible, while also doing so as safely as possible. For example, local municipalities such as the Town of Hempstead, have implemented new procedures for businesses, such as restaurants, to receive temporary permits for outdoor seating.  Securing such a permit is quite simple and can be applied for online. There is no fees necessary. Click here for instructions.

All of Long Island's Towns and Villages have provided access to their rules and regulations online. It is vital that you stay informed. You should continue to review your specific Town and/or Village's website to stay abreast of the latest information regarding the re-opening process.

Our firm will work with you and continue to educate you regarding the rules and the application process. If you have any questions or require assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.