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Prepare to Re-Open Economy & Businesses


Of paramount concern is when Governor Cuomo will announce the re-opening of the economy. Based on recent reports, it is clear that Long Island will be one of the last "zones" to re-open and we should not expect the re-opening process to begin for another 30-60 days. Nevertheless, we should not sit idly by during the next few weeks.

We must be proactive and take active measures to protect our community, such as: Securing masks and gloves for our businesses and industries Cleaning, maintaining, and sanitizing one's business property and equipment Confirming that one's business licenses and permits are in place   Coordinating and planning for safety procedures and social distancing operations  Communicating daily with one's staff  regarding  efforts to reopen and retain a safe and socially distant work environment upon re-opening. Keeping abreast of the ever-changing re-opening requirements and regulations and  Regularly communicating with one's accountant.

We will continue to keep you updated as to any changes in the law or new regulations that are issued. This is an ever changing process that requires daily review and action. Don&rsquot be caught waiting to the last minute to handle a problem at your business. You want to be able to immediately open and operate once the "green light" from the Governor is given.